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summer in France
Well, I suppose this is a little more artsy-fartsy than your traditional naturist pics -- but my wife selected these for our first post. They were taken a few months ago during our tenth-year anniversary. We spent a long weekend at a volcanic mud-bath resort in the central-American country where we're living. When we arrived, there were very few other guests, which bummed us out at first. BUT I asked the towel woman if she minded if we went naked (she said no problem) and then asked her to let us know if any tour busses arrived. Then we covered ourselves in hot, volcanic mud, lazed around in the sun and soaked in the hot-water bubbling up in the pools. The towel-woman didn't pay us any attention, but all the male resort workers kept sneaking peeks. Hope this makes it onto the page. If so, there'll be more to come...

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dans la salle de bain OK, we've been lurking for quite a bit now. My hubby loves doughnuts (though it doesn't show) and I love his cream-filled long john ;-)~ Here are a few private shots I got one evening. I'll be interested in the comments the other voyeurs have, as well as his reaction when he sees himself here!


Hotel pool My first time here. I am a "VERY" Bi curious woman with interest in sharing stories with another Bi curious female. No dominant women. I am a Beginner. PLEASE comment, regardless of what you think, OK?.... Lisa