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I cheekily reached down and felt him up through his jeans. His friend came around behind me and groped my bum. I allowed him of course as I was still mad at HHub. With that queue the first guy reached under my dress and started to touch my very slick pussy lips while I kept rubbing him through his jeans. He reached my clitoris. With the heightened arousal I felt from a stranger touching me it was poking way out. Each time he flicked my clitoris I felt shooting bursts of pleasure and worried he would make me squirt very soon. However, he only lasted about 15 seconds playing with me clitoris before he erupted. Then he ran off to the toilet to clean himself up.

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She is very sweet The hubby says that someone would like to fuck me, but I say no one would but him. So, if you would like to play with me leave an e-mail in the comments, and I will contact you for a picture of you and a picture of your penis. (no smaller than 7 inches please)


.. Kisses Bella .. here are some pictures i took of a friend. love your site and thoughti should send some pictures in. please do not post my emial address. I LoveYour Site. Best on the Web. please enter this is the underwater contest(ithink you have that contest). I call these pictures "The Swim"