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At the first floor I left my dress on a sofa. Was a sunny morning, from the groundfloor cleaning ladies voices accompanyed by the typical dishes and chears noise. Kissing and caressing we (me and Stefano) started to explore. Stately I walked around feeling like an intriguer courtesan. Reflecting on an ancient mirror I felt really seductive. Stefano was manifestly subjugate by this explicit exhibition. Amusing I moved to the next room, the windowed corridor and the ball room. Was so exciting to walk naked, feeling the risk on the skin... I found a statute very much alike to my old drawing teacher. We went on the entrance stairscase for a triunphal shoting, four cleaning ladies comes from the courtyard scaring us. I ran to dress. Stefano stoped them making questions about the building. We passed through the courtyard and a private park where we shot the conclusive pict.

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perfection in my eyes I did some deep bentover glute-and-hamstring stretches with free weights at home. I watched in a mirror as my glutes stretched and parted with each repetition, quickly pumping up, causing a tremendous feeling of wellbeing and euphoria.