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Pease here they are.
This is Jen, my personal secratary, we've been having an affair for about three years now, and enjoy taking pictures and making movies. We sometimes sneek off for lunch and meet at my place for an afternoon quickie, as you can see this particular day we had a little extra time to take a few pictures and have an afternoon lunch taco, mmmmm it was good!! She enjoys doing things like this because her husband is a prude, so she see's me to release all her inner desires. This is the first of four series of pics we took, leave her a nice message and we'll see if we can make a movie to submit also. She wants to by a "Fuck Machine" and mp4 tape that to send to Homeclips. We'll entitle it "Sexy Sexratary and her fuck machine" so keep looking in Homeclips for it, we'll send it as soon as we make it. hope you enjoy, The Boss

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La mia signora in giro Using a $99 camera from a retail store and having no experience we took these pictures for the "stockings"/outdoors theme. She is 56 and likes to be photographed. This is our 1st. attempt and hope it's well received Once we get better we want to do more "in public" photo's..


One Night.... I thought I would start the year off quite differently by posting contris in three VW sections at the same time; Private Shots, Freestyle and EIP. Though the contris are not related, preparing for each section presents a unique challenge and opportunity for both photographer and model.