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greetings from london.
Hello again Sailor and all.. First af all, thank you all for those wonderful comments on our postings November 4 and 16, it has been a lot more than expected and we are very pleased with the fact that so many of you commentet positively on the artistic style of the pics and not only the numerous qualitys of the " Lady " of the house. Now the cameras are almost resting because the temperature is way below freezing and the lady is refusing any outdoor naked activity. Pity but that's how it is.. I'll think I'll keep her a while longer anyhow. The fact is .. She is the most wonderful person I know,- she has made my life worth living.

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Hope you liked. Hello VW Friends, I sent this in originally to VW and it was "too hot" so that version went to Homeclips(plug). So I re-edited out those parts because I think my VW friends would really really really enjoy this Golden Redheat Bush!!!


Sexy K posting for fun. Here are some pics that i took of my sexy wife. Its her first time so she's a little shy. Let her know what you think. Only nice comments please. She really enjoyed taking these. She is a 27yr. old mother of one.