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Its a dorky girl thing, but I get downright giddy when given a chance to buy clothes. I appreciate the sympathy from my last contribution. Thankfully I was able to find relief from fashion crisis at the outlet mall thanks to a "back to school" check from my Nanna. Cute clothing or not, I spent most of the week obsessing over homework and lack of communication from the boy I was seeing last semester. It amazes me that in such a short time he went from hanging around to helping explore my sexuality (alot is in the videos on my site), and now he's ignoring me. My flatmate says I should take it as inspiration to work harder keeping my marks up, but she has nowhere near the fascination with sex that I do. I took a break from studying to see how this new outfit looked. Looking at the pics, I feel a tinge of self-esteem brewing, so its only a matter of time until I make a complete fool of myself. :)

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Keeping cool. Hey guys! I just filmed a new movie for my site that ended up being veryyyyyyy wet. With my buzzy butterfly strapped to my clit, I ended up squirting all over my bed! What a mess. *giggle* The movie will be up on my site next week! kisses, KCat