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candid jax beach spy crotch shot 95, nice cameltoe and ass

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Last month I submitted this contri, but the pics were taken with a 35mm camera and then scanned. I then bought a digital camera and boy what a difference in resolution. So, I withdrew the original contri and retook the shots. I hope you like the added sharpness. After my last contri, "Brandy (77) and Her Mower", I wanted to show you what happens post mowing. I really need a cool shower to clean up, although at times the shower can get quite "steamy". (And to Asher- the Toro has a tilt steering wheel that, I found, will accommodate tandem riding- thanks for the suggestion!) Once again, I am hoping you can put this in at the beginning of the month. Thanks for your help and consideration...

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Taking a work break! Wife had to go to work on New Years Eve. Got these when she was in shower and getting dressed for work. She doesn't know that I sent them here. Have more pics of her and me if any one wants to trade pics, leave your email address and I WILL TRADE PICS.


Taken in 1984 She was very apprehensive to agree to this it took her multiple attempts she has requested to disclose her face due to her job as a businesswoman. Leave comments and please vote all comments are welcome! By the way these pictures were not meant to be posted on this site they were pictures she took for me!