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Rose in a Homeowners Building Fantasy You know how it is, you keep putting off those little jobs around the house until one day you realize that there is no way that you will ever get them done and it is time to call in a bit of outside help! Of course I put it off and put it off, until finally the wife comes home with a list of tradesmen's phone numbers she copied from the Notice board at the local Mall. She suggested that I get someone in to do the work while she was away at her sister’s place for a few days, and that if it wasn't done by the time she got back then ..... well, you know how it goes! So I started calling the numbers, and it seemed they were all had too much work on. Thank goodness I finally found one who said they could start straight away - and to my surprise the Handyman was actually a ‘Handywoman’! Well, next morning as the wife was driving away, this old F100 pulls up with 'Rose’s Home Improvements' on the side. Imagine my surprise when this woman wearing cutoffs and a cropped T-shirt gets out and says she is here to take care of my problems! Believe me, one look at her and I had a whole new and very insistent problem on my hands! Somehow I managed to concentrate long enough to show her what needed doing, and found myself spending the rest of the morning following her around trying to make myself useful. She seemed to not mind that I tagged along and I found the experience positively uplifting! Rose did not even mind that I took a few ‘before and after’ pictures of the work. I had intended to use them as a record to show my wife just how much was accomplished. But on second thoughts I decided there was no point in showing her - she probably would not be interested in a builder up a ladder anyway and the finished result would be sufficient! Over a mug of coffee we sat on the grass and enjoyed the sunshine and I managed to discover a few of Rose's best-kept secrets. She was the kind of woman that the closer you looked, more and more fascinating aspects of her … ‘personality’ were revealed *W* (Continued in Part 2 – coming soon!)

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Ex sunning on the deck M* West African Plage - No story really ..... just some self-timer shots taken for MD for her to remember "our" strand in West Africa. After 2 years we are moving on ....... Trying out the self timer and rainy season here so sorry for the poor quality of photos. Ladies - like to hear what do you think?


One of my Ex's Surprise For My Husband Hi this is me in various poses. It's my first time but for sure not the last! Please send your comments positive or negative, soft and hard and i will send more. This contri is a special surprise for my husband who asked me several times permission to send my pics