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Wife Spreading on Public Beach

one more guys.
Hello, my name is Mike and the girl to the left is Melanie, my sweet lovely girlfriend. I am an amateur photographer with some skills but still not a pro for sure. This site is devoted to our first tryouts in naked photography. Melanie is a REAL HOTTIE and I couldn't dream of anyone better as my first model. She is cute and sexy babe and suddenly our naked jpg session became much much hotter than I expected. Started from simple stripping and teasing my girl became so horny... I could see the real lust in her eyes. Well, everything ended with vibrator stuck deep in her juicy pussy and loud screams and moans. She had an orgasm at my first "nude" image session! After we checked all the pics we decided to make this erotic website and put them all there 'cause they are really well made and I am not sure I'll get anything like that with any other model.

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Ladies what do you like? Hello guys! These pictures were taken by my new boyfriend. He bought me this outfitt as a present for xmas. Hope you like it too! Please let me comments of what you think and don't forget to vote! Kisses, Elle


Just another butt pic Just a few fun shots trying out a new pic filter. If you don't like these, there are plenty of other good shots on voyeurweb. I personally like a bit of art with my boobs and ass. You might argue the art but you have to appreciate a 40 year old body like this.