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For all of you "Wildfire" followers.......this contri is going to be a surprise for Bam Bam. He knows some of these pic's were takenbut hasn'tseen them all because he was working. Story: It was my (Buddy Honey's) birthday. "Tweety" had sent me an e-mail telling me she was going to come by and pick me up for a birthday evening on the town. Also, she told me what to wear, what to bring along, especially the camera, and what time to be ready. She called me when she was fixing to be a my housetelling me to come on so we could leave. Well.....when I walked out....... there she was........leaning up against a white stretch limo looking oh so fine. (See "Tweety" Part 1 contri in RC)We were to meet up with "Wildfire" at a restaurant and she was to be goingwith us. So Bam's just a few that were taken of her dedicated especially to you! There will a contri of "Tweety Part 3" coming soon in nudistthat were taken by "Wildfire" in the limo. She's a hell of a woman and a damn good photographer, too! I think the limo driver enjoyed the evening a little bit himself getting to watch us. Watch for "Wildfire" & "Tweety" contri in NIP and nudistsoon!

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Just some hotel fun Although we have a fair bit of land, our house is quite 'compact'.....making it difficult to find a spot in the house with enough room to take a few pics comfortably. So, we came up with the idea of using backdrops. We bought a couple for different effects.


KISSES....LAURA This is BJ's first try at this. We just got our first digital camera and we were just playing around. BJ knows she's no model and she is a bit self concious about he body but she's still a sexual dynamo to me.