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Chubby MILF walking nude on the beach

Costa Rica Whores #2
This is a shameless Tresha from Canada. I have got already four years of sex experience as I started making love since 15. I was virgin when a soldier jumped over my bones. Military man was obsesses with anal intercourse and fucked me in the anus first. Since that time I humped with all soldiers from the same division and enjoyed it greatly. I was fucked every day by different soldiers in more than one way, but all of them had something in common, that made me wild and crazy. That was their military uniform. When I feel blue I put military clothes on and self-stimulate. I am called military sex bomb and sure I am really are!

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fill your request Thanks to you who had kind comments for my little teaser yesterday. You all know from the body of my work that I won't let you down :0 To those of you who are pissed that the pages to your Sears catalog are all stuck together ..go and buy yourself some manners!


A kiss your Susanna First Time Contri - Various Shots This was her first time doing these pictures. She liked the idea but did not want to show her face. I believe if the comments are good enough she will. However, thanks to her seeing me on this site she was willing to do these pictures at all