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I have to remind myself this is for me and my love - so quite frankly the hurtful, spiteful comments should not matter but they do - not because I give a "toss" about any of you but because they are close to home and things I am self conscious of. I can not help the scar I had a medical procedure to save my life - nothing to do with a bad boob job and for those who profess to be medical experts - google Myasthenia Gravis and a procedure to help your remission called a thymectomy - which involves carving your chest open - I had a plastic surgeon (albeit a crap one) do it so they could access my breast plate from under my breasts as opposed to slicing me from my throat down. Instead of wanking over other peoples girls - educate yourselves and look into it before making shitty comments and for those who enjoy and appreciate - thank you and I hope you enjoy x More impotantly my love this is for you and always is

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Hello everyone! Thanks! LGk wanted some classy nudes to go with her sand nudes. These are the result. Sorry people did not like the black and white strand shots but we like photography too and some good effects. If you would like to see some B&W we did for this too, let us know ;-)


J ready for some doggy only have about 200 more pics to send to the best site on the web. oh by the way kate you said that was not your butt, in contribution v19356 mardi 99, not hairy enough well maybe this is you then pic 22. thanks