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Hi Kate, Jerry, and crew! I'm glad everyone made it through Charley and Frances, and hope Ivan stays away from Florida in the next week or so. Looks like you guys could use a break. For the next one, I'll throw you a hurricane party here in Ca. where it never rains! But you'll have to brave the earthquakes, hehe. As always hello voy-zonebers, and thank you all for your kind messages. You're the best!! Can you believe summer is over already? I know it's hard to believe but there are still a few hidden places, even here in California, that only a few people know about. The hard part is finding them, or getting the people who know about them to share. We lucked out for these pictures. Jme and I set out to spend our Labor Day holiday driving up the coast looking for a cool place to take pictures. With the holiday and innocent weather the beaches were all pretty crowded and we were having no luck, so we ended up at a little bar and grill for some drinks and lunch. Since I was headed for the playa I was wearing a bikini top and soon was attracting the attention of a couple of surfers who were also enjoying beer and college football over lunch. We all talked and watched the game, and after a couple of beers, I told them what we were up to and how we were striking out finding a place. When I told them we wanted a secluded playa they both laughed and joked "to have sex?" I told them to take naked pictures. They laughed but didn't believe me, so I flashed them. Hehe ;)~ Well that must have impressed them because I got the secret. They told us about this little plage where locals took their girlfriends for some "Sex on the Beach." It's just a tiny sliver of sand at the base of a cliff that is dry when the tide is low. It just so happened that it would be low late that afternoon. We got directions and true to their word, the sand was real and we had a blast on it! Yes guys, we did have sex! ;)~ For any of you who haven't visited my ProAdult site lately, I'm making some big changes. After five years, I needed a fresh start! Follow the link and check things out! (It SHOULD be done by the time these post! Hehe)   Love Ya, Nikki ;)~

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Others photos Well I usually very private about my workout,but for the vw I'll let you guys in. I like to have fun when I work out and yes I do hit the weights. I hope you like the pics and there are many more to come if the comments are good.


Waiting for a load Too bad you refused my last contry, cause she were over 21 but still I keep working with my girls .... may be one day they will submit my pictures.... But for now just enjoy ....... I have much more to poste but I am waiting for girls