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WARNING!!! There are pee pictures in this contri, so if you don?¦t like those shots, please move on to the next contri. First let me thank all off you for the very nice reactions I got on my last posting some time ago. I thought it was time for another posting. These are from a movie chat I had with my girlfriend Lily just before my hubby came home. She had me all worked up and hot before he walked in. Lily asked me to do and show all kinds of things in front of the camera, which I gladly did. I showed her my boobs, my pussy and turned round to show her my ass as she ordered me to do. The moment my hubby walked in he stripped of his clothes and I sucked his cock while he licked my wet pussy. There are loads more of these shots on my site. Love and Pisses Ellen

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Su opinion I couldnt believe it when my wife suggested sending some pictures to a web sight and wants to hear the reaction of others. I' hoping the response to the BB is good, I', guessing she will want to show more. This is a great web sight.


I love Thongs Kate and Crew, We are first time contributors but long time viewers that just got a digital camera. Man did it make her crazy when I brought it out for this session. Please title it Digi-Man gets lucky.