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I wanted to send in various pictures of this tall (5'10") strawberry-blonde for you to enjoy, and to see if you could help me with a birthday wish! You see, Sweet is a hot little number, and I love to lick her shaven pussy and then plunge between her swollen lips. She is so tight, and loves to rake her nails across my back when I hit it just right! She looks amazing in a short skirt with stockings and boots to accent her curvy legs. I love making love to her as much as fucking her! She really is a nympho, but tries to make everyone think she is sweet and innocent. So, I'm asking you (the naturist gang) to help me with a birthday wish. It's soon (middle of March) and I really want this year's present! I've told Sweet in an email, but we haven't talked about it face to face. That just helps flame the excitement that is already building up so bad! I want her to email me some pics on my birthday. Not just any pics, but some of her being UNfaithful. She has never been with anyone else since we've been together, well except for that girl that ate her out... I want pics of her getting sucked, fucked and loaded with cum. I don't know what it is, but the thought of her being such a slut gets me so horny and hard! Like I said, she was eaten out, but now she wants to return the favor, and if that happens while she's working on my present, I won't mind! So, come on gang, I've been a good boy! Leave us ome comments and she'll write you. I'm going to tell her I put this up to "help" her with my present when it posts! So all you guys/gals couples who are close to Atlanta, GA, and wanna wish me a happy birthday, drop us a line!

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HI FROM DIMYCH! Greetings one and all... You all know how to make someone feel good about themselves! I have been getting a lot of comments and requests in RC Chat, so thank you to all that have asked for another Snuggle contribution. I hope these will be to your liking. Kisses...


stay tuned :P We hope everyone likes the pictures of Michelle. We our sorry we can't show her face, but some of her co-workers look at this site. If you live in the Dallas area these pictures may just be of someone you work with everyday. If we get good comments then more may follow.