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More hotel fun!
Hey - it's Savannah in Texas here with you again. Got even hotter concert pics for you in this 7 digital shot series... I took all of these pictures in Part 1 and Part 2 and let me tell you something - It can be *really* hard to concentrate on pictures with the madness going on around you. I think I like filming avi when they get the girls to go crazy on stage because I don't have to be concerned with getting the perfect shots, but movie capture programs don't have that great of quality. I do have a couple movies to send in but I've gotta figure out where to send them from because they are 3+ meg avis (please tell me you can reduce size in .mpg format? Jerry? Help? :) These shots are FRESH from the first party weekend of the University of Texas this past Saturday night on Sixth Street! The Horns lost, but everyone had a good time regardless. *EVERYONE*'s face is blurred cuz I don't wanna get in any shit... I'm just submitting for everyone else's pleasure. Gotta love them UT girls! Flash me more often you beautiful babies *grin* Love

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MARY FOR YOU Weds 01/01/03 TigerSpot starts the New year off with a bang. Aprox 7:30 in the morning, feeling a little frisky. Few shots for you to see and the panties fall. Off to RC for the bang. Thanks all and let this be a good year


MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE AT 67. Hi gang, thanks alot for the great comments on our last, and a special thanks to Kate for picking us for his special list on 6/14. Bliss wanted to play with some Rose petals and this was the result. It did not turn out like she wanted but we think there were a few good ones here. Watch for more soon.