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My nasty italian slave !!
My boyfriend been trying to get me to get naked and tease his buddies and him.After returning to my b/f place after drinking at the bar,he poured us shots and gave us each a card,and said high cards do there shot from loser chest,imagine I lost and he said ok baby bare those tits,then his buddy lifted my shirt and removed it and my bra,making me very excited.then did his shot between my boobs and licked them both,and I said my turn and did the same to him, rubbing his crotch, getting very horny, I won the next hand and said I got to remove his pants,did so and rubbed him thru his boxers.I lost the next 2 hands andlost my skirt and panties.Then suggested my guy take pics and his buddy dress me. It was a great night,for all.

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Wife like to show it all This is my own cyclette. I use it only when it rains or in winter because in spring or summer I prefer use the bicyclette to drive outside in nature. Anyway it is exciting to pedal on this cyclette all naked. Really at the end I don't resist to touch my sweaty pussy for a long masturbation. Bye Vanessa


Enjoy mi wife... Ginger's Arbor Ginger decided the failing light would be a perfect time to reflect on her beauty and the effect of her contribution to Nature. A little shy at first, a little cautious and then a bold finish. Love it