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Everyone vacations but me. I swear I'm the only one in my office who went abso-fucking-lutely nowhere this month LOL! Its like workin on my site, takin pics, and browsing voy-zone are the only breaks I get. My hot co-worker joked he'd take me but he's still playing things sly so its a tease. That bastard! Maybe he won't make a move but will ask me away to see if I'd go, like it reveals that I'd fuck him or whatever. Why are guys too scared to make a move nowadays? Maybe a few lawsuits ruined it for everyone. Now there's an argument for "tort reform". HA! But it's like my friend Dori says, "when you can't go to the sun you tan sunless" I totally fucking agree! :)

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pseudo name cplathena Behind The Warehouse - Here are some pictures taken last summer behind an old abandoned warehouse in Winnipeg Canada - Our friend accompanied us to do some pictures and the rest are definately too much for the free area here ;-)I hope there are still some who might remember me here - its been awhile


Taking care of business! A friend of ours introduced us to Voyeur Web so we hope you like this first set out of two we are sending. I am 27 and would love to hear from guys, girls and especially couples who enjoy picture taking as much as we do. Kisses xxxxx