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Kate and crew: For Naked in Public Here is a contri of "Sher in the Park". These were taken on two different days. The first one is from a bike ride we took. We stopped under a bridge because of rain. These two guys were under the bridge. We talked for a little bit, then when the rain let up we asked if they wanted to pose for this picture. As you can tell they didn't mind at all. We then went back and got ready to leave.The ice cream pictures were the suggestion of a fan. We went and got an ice cream then went to a local baseball game, going on in the background, and took these pictures. The last one is what she did to me later. Hope Sher's fan like them. If you are not one of her fans and are looking for young, rail thin girls, back space now, you don't want to see this curvy 48 year old.

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Nap 2005-030 - NAP 2005 I love playing outside and hubby loves photographing and videoing. Here we are out and about iin the local countryside when I decide to strip into stockings only. What happens after the jpg shoot is oh so HOT!!!