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Saludos desde Puerto Rico
Hello my friends, Here is my French girlfriend who likes to swallow my sperm, I am French and I shall be in New York from October 31 till November 4, because I am going to do the marathon the 3th, if a girl from NYC is interested to meet me, she has only to leave me her email. For info, I reserved a table with a French friend at 8 PM on November 1-st for a famous club of Jazz, in the case or there would be two girls interested in 2 Frenchies. We are both thirty six years old, I measure 1M80, my friend, 1M85, we have both brown hairs, I have the blue eyes, my friend has the brown eyes. I am a manager, my friend is cardiac surgeon. We love America and particulary american girls. We hope to have sex in NYC. Even you don't like sex, we will can have fun together..... Kisses from France Goodbye

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first time doing this This is the second week of posting to VW and RC for me. Aside from a couple of not so nice comments I am having a great time. These pictures are what is left from the bat woman shoot I did on the red sofa. I hope you enjoy them.


Driving down the highway. I'll start by apologizing for my last comments. The haters are just getting to me i guess. Listen, the story line here is true. She always says, "No Naked Picures". She is VERY self concious and has a huge bag of guilt.