Nudism Photos

Spying on Line taking it in the ass at the beach

hotelroom selfie
Over at the CBB (Contributor's Hangout) we have this "profile picture theme" going. Somebody chooses a theme and everybody uploads a picture in the profile that matches the theme..or invents a good excuse why it should match :-) We've seen veeery weird things..LOL..but then it's always fun and a great way to get to know the co-contributors better and appreciate them even more, every day. A suggestion came up that it might be fun if I made a full contri of some of my profile pics..well LS & goes...with the "Groovy Cat's" activities at the CBB (Thank you Sushi for the name..LOL). Hey, are all wonderful people, sexy, alluring, fun to hang out with and I thank you for being there !

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Cuff me, and frisk me! This is my wife of many years and the mother of our three children. These are pictures we took on Valentines Day. I think she has a great body but she is not as comfortable with it. Please tell us what you think.


this is just a taste... Let's call these "Her Selections". She picked them out for her first time contri to your excellent site. The more positive comments she gets back the more she'll send!! So, please send her your impressions.