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3D Sex : Carine at the beach

Enjoy it!!!!
Happy New Year Everyone! Thanks so much for all the great comments on my first two contris. Some folks complained about the quality of the photography; I'm awfully sorry about that, but my girlfriend who takes the pictures and I are just doing it for fun and are new at this, so we're not very good...but we will try to learn to take better pics! So, last week we were out for a break from family visits during the holidays and went to this great wine bar/bistro near where I live. Fulvio, the owner, knows how much I hate wearing clothes, so I am always welcome there "au naturel". Well, that night I asked if I could take some pictures and nobody seemed to mind at all; in fact, I made some new friends!

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Te reventaba en la boca Hi Kate, I realized after the last submission that the file sizes were too large so I shrunk them a little. There are three more coming right behind this and I can send more if the response is good. P.S. This is the obligatory "please don't publish my e-mail" request.


this is just a taste... Once I have been out, I realized that they liked my fantasy, well and I wanted more as you can that ended you can see in part 2 in RC. Boys I can tell you, this is an experience that I want to repeat again....