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Tia Dogging on the Beach at night

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How's This Ass? Callher CG for now. She is my wife and has the hottest ass I have ever seen anywhere. She is shy about things but is adventurous to a degree. She had a small, limited site at one time. Sort of testing the waters before she start her new site with movie, stories and such. She's also toyed with the idea of exotic dancing and would like to try many other things including group fun.Let her know what you think ladies and gents.We'll try to answer all the comments possible and please be nice. If there is a good response, future contries will bemuch, much hotter. No faces for now. Next time for sure. Hope to here from you!

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part two driving Here are a few photos of my sexy 43 y/o wife and mother of two teenage children. She is completely Lovely and actually very young looking. If your viewers are pleased with these photos.....we will be glad to send more. Hope the comments will be well received.


Busty Granny please title these Kara Cruises. Really hope to see my first contri on voy web- Love Voy and Red Clouds and with good comments we will send many more- We live in Dallas and Kara loves to swing and have multiple men so locals please feel free to contact us.