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Karla Carrillo at the beach

She always liked trains.
Please submit to Free Style or NIP. I first submitted pics of my beautiful wife toprivate shots and there's been a delay in getting them posted, so I thought I'd try FS or NIP. I'm anxious to hear comments to seeif others think she's as great as I do. She was so hesitant to do these at first, but I think she's starting to like it!! I even got her to get naked out in public (it was fun watching her hide behind trees when cars and people would go by!!).Would love to hear positive comments from guys and girls! Tell me what you think of my baby!! I would love to post more of her. WE love voy-zone!!! as always, pdpme

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still the best ass ever Well since the last contri I made I upgraded my body to version 2 :). I wasn't now I am a model for a friend of mine who is getting ready to take out a new brand name. The clothes he is going to be designing? Take a look at and see for yourself. Enjoy. Thank you


trade anyone? Thank you for the great comments and votes. This is our first submission so just happy to share. Here is part 2. I know, I know, short was from an iphone so it forced me to clip it. She is very, very tight so was going slow and shallow at first. Enjoy.