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You are a total beach Viki

Lace to stay cool
Hello Kate & the gang, Thought you might enjoy some more of Sweet Thing. I cant say I like your new bb system. I think it's more complicated than the old one. To those of you with nothing better to do than to find fault with a contri, forget it, you have a poor outlook on life. In my opinion the most important event you've had in your life has been with your hand. To all of you that gave such wonderful comments, thanks. I enjoyed them very much. I thank you for taking the time to think of good and horny things to say. There's a little good in everyone, maybe the others will learn from the rest of you. I'm sending in 2 contri today.

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lettin you see it all This is my best friend, we are not partners but we look after each other and have a lot of fun along the way. She organised my first 3some with another woman. She is so hot and I had to show her to you. I hope you like her.


shes a very naughty girl! This is my sweet wife Betty, and me in a few..She is 38 with 2 kids, Hope you all leave some nice comments! and I will send a few of her with her best girl friend! They are very hot together! Please no faces if I missed!