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Karla Carrillo in the pink hat on the beach

summer flash back.
So to continue my house hunting adventure story with my bf, for some reason we couldnt upload all the photos we wanted to but theres more :) We finally picked the lot number 22 to start building our house on so with all the excitement we continued with my pics that way we could have have them for our pleasure. Got more fun and playful and took some nudes by our lot sign. Of course these pics lead to many other fun exciting things in the forest with my bf but I hope you enjoy these that we took :) Were going to start building our house soon and it is going to be an awesome house!! We even are building a room just for our pleasure with a huge satin bed, the harness that hangs from the ceiling, a stripper pole for my own fun ;) Lots of shelves for the porn collection and blow up my pictures and hang them on the walls. Im so excited to get naughty in my own sex room in my new house :)

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My Wife - no story hello this will be the first of many this was the first set that we put up when we started terris web page back in feb 14 ..................., call these pics MY VALENTINE show e-mail address sent comments in e-mail and BB iam 44 having fun keeping my hubbys eyes on me Thanks HUGS N KISSES


no story just nice pics Hi again from MILF de Puerto Rico! I/My hubby liked a lot your positive comments so there's more shots of my explosive sensible boobs and hot pussy. Leave some comments if you like! It was a really nice to take these pictures, for some reason my hubby is always ready and willing(read horny). Adios!