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Teen nudists take off their clothes and play nude

Chynagrrl: Christmas Toy - Every Christmas I get talked into wearing a Santa hat and that always leads to a pic session and that always gets sent to naturist. Of course, it?s just an excuse to get me nekkid and under the mistletoe. While I should be having visions of Yule Logs and Candy Canes dancing around in my head I often think it would be fun to have Kate instead. So this Christmas Eve instead of leaving out Milk and Cookies I think I?ll leave a little Vodka and some Russian Caviar. We would like to thank Kate, the crew at naturist and the naturist community, for providing a place where we can all share our photos and have such fun. To the viewers, thanks for responding so well and leaving such delightful messages over the past year. I would like to know if I was the toy that you found under the Christmas tree what would you do? Kisses Chynagrrl

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I say that? these are a few photos i took of my girl friend when we where on a picnic it took a bit of nagging then a lot more to let me put them on voyeurweb (my favourite site) but im shore good comments will bring more photos for you


Back when i was 19. Sometimes...there is more to photographing a beautiful woman than simply getting her clothes off and delving into a gynecological expedition... sometimes it is in getting into the person in order to bring out their personality, and their true inner beauty.