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dancing to some music on the beach

she looks so nice ...
This is my wife. He likes to get herself off, when I'm away. She wont let me watch her do this. She knows itis a big turn on for me. So I installed a Achiver Security Cam Head in the base of the workstaion in the computer room. It looks like one of the round bolts that hold the sides together. She has no that it is there. I could not send this clip in on a Yahoo mailbox. Would only let me attach 1.5 mb. That would be to many to send in. Please title the clips: "B" Likes 2Play While I'm Away Clip 1 happened while I was gone for 2 hours. I put some nasty pics on the computer for her. She was surfing that day when she opened the file and got wet from looking at them. That was a quickie for her. Clip1B was the next day. She worked at home that day. I called to tell her I would not be home for 2 hours yet, so this is what happened. What do you think? Please post them for all the voyeurs to see and enjoy. Thank you and keep up the good work!

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Hi, boys! Look at me :) Ok ...We have seen it all....Thought we would try out the VW Tee Shirt for size......One size fits all.....How do I look?.....I didnt think these photo's were my best, but the photographer saw something different......So causual and comfy it is....


a lot of young girls !!! After sexy lovin on our back patio, I noticed my hot wife dripping wet. As we shot a few pics, she noticed how hard I had become. She rode my tool with her yummy bum until I came. As she got up I shot more pics of her beautiful body.