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Sunday morning stretch
She wanted to play around for a while so she started with her dildo and thats when I saw the new piercing, she had gotten her clit pierced and wanted to see what it was like during sex. She seemed to like it when I pulled on it lightly or twisted it a little bit. The pictures were taken from my mp4 camera so thats why they are a little blurry. If you want to see the videos you can do that here Either way - enjoy the contri! My remark: I checked out the site and I was suprised...the site is in direct competetion with our own avi site Homeclips. It runs under the same guidelines and shows submitted home videos. So this is not a site from an amateur, but a site for amateurs. Nothing wrong with it..actually I enjoyed some of the videos showed there. The only thing which is kind of disturbing to me is this contri..because its not typical for the site at all. When I look at it from all sides, I come to the conclusion, that you are trying to use voy-zone (an amateur image site) for your marketing of your amateur clip site. Thats not what voy-zone is intended for. So I have to ask you not to submit contris to voy-zone from now on, sorry. Kate

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black dress A friend of ours introduced us to Voyeur Web so we hope you like this first set out of two we are sending. I am 27 and would love to hear from guys, girls and especially couples who enjoy picture taking as much as we do. Kisses xxxxx


continuation of first set my wife has no idea that this sight even exists or that I sent pics. with votes and good comments I will show her. If she wins anything its all hers. Votes and comments will encourage more I have many more. By the way my wife is 50 years old no joke.