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Pacific Beach San Diego

beauty sea
I am so shocked at the amount of comments, OMG !!! Over 400 great comments from over 400 of my great voyeur friends. Thank you all so much for the continued support of this over 40 mother of 3. I read every comment with my hubby and I have tried to reply to as many as possible. You all are too much. I was given some ideas for pictures from some of you, please keep them coming. The following pictures were taken in non naked areas as are all of my pictures, and yes I have been surprised by the sudden appearance of curious onlookers. Please keep the comments coming and I will continue to post. You all, and my hubby are the reason I keep this up. Maybe I will try to do more with people around and in the picture but its scary being naked and showing everything to a stranger that just stares, up close. Well you have all seen me and that is exciting and I really like it. Until next time……… Kisses

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M* My Picture My wife loves to surprise me with little stories to create the MOOD. The mood she created with these photos was postively explosive. I just love her for these little surprises. Let her know what you think. She often tells me I am biased in my opinions of her beauty.


great cocksucker *Cu Shannon Xxoo - Finally Iced - I am finally getting to get these posted... I had a great time cooling off on a HOT day with these ice cubes. Then things started to heat up again as we kept taking pictures... Make sure you vote for me!!! (My name is Shannon, and I approve of these pictures...) :-) XXOO