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One of the cuter things on earth is Kira telling me that she feels dirty. Sometimes I am not sure whether or not she means it figuratively or literally, but I adore hearing her say it nonetheless. She announced this revelation to me when she was over here this weekend, and then said she was going to take a shower. When we first began speaking online, before we met in person, she had told me that most things she liked sexually made her feel a bit bad on the inside, which I found rather hot at the time. Whether it was giving head, intense sex, or even taking pictures with me for here and on our website, I love watching her embrace that part of her sexuality. And truth be told, when done properly, the really good dirty sex almost always requires a shower afterwards. That, or as she pointed out to me later when we were chatting via IM, she could have just felt like taking a shower. LOL

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*** Vivienne *** I'll start by apologizing for my last comments. The haters are just getting to me i guess. Listen, the story line here is true. She always says, "No Naked Picures". She is VERY self concious and has a huge bag of guilt.


this is anoutherx I Know this Girl on Monterrey, she works on a table dance... i invited her to Mc Allen weekend, and after some drinks, looks what i a have!!! Great Surprize... im visited her every weekend on Monterrey Mexico!!!