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Hi there. Skyy here. You've all said such nice stuff about my "out in the field" contris. Thanks. Here are the last of the pics from my field set. I found some very pretty wild flowers. I took them home and put them in a vase and they stayed good for almost s week!! I love flowers. I can't wait for springtime to watch the flowers all come up and bloom again. Oops...I've gotten off the subject(giggling). I meant to tell you that I hope you like these pics and that I'd like to know where else you want to se me. Sometimes I start talking and I just can't stop..I just go on and on and then...ooops (giggling)...I did it again. I'll shut up and you check out the pics. Be Good, Skyy

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Just my pussy pictures Here is the second toy we received, the "Tidal Wave". It is an impressive toy. The size was quite a bit larger than our first test, and she loved every minute of it. She was super wet after a little session. It claims to be waterproof and it better be after the "Tidal Wave" it created. Big thumbs up!! Thanks


Wife's ass. Red was almost giddy when I told her how many men and women might be seeing her first exposure, and when we arrived at the river, there was a flurry of frantic activity as she hurried to get undressed. (Don't you just hate when that happens)?