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Here are some pics of my brothers girlfriend. I was snooping through my brothers closet one night when he was out late and found a shoebox with a bunch of pictures and homevideos they had taken.That was the greatest moment of my life when I opened that box.Thats when I new I was a voyeur.Well I continuosley went back to that shoebox every chance I got. Her name is Jenny and I have always thought about what she might look naked. I love those Funobagos! But all good things must come to an end because I got caught one day. My brother didnt make to big of a deal over it though. But I was devasted though because I new I would never see those pictures or videos again. A few months later I checked his room again and he left the shoebox in the same place and there were some new ones he had added since I got busted. so I think he doesnt care if I look.But I still dont know if she knows I got caught with her pictures. I dont think my brother told her what happened. So I must cover her face so I dont ruin a good thing. If response is good on BB I can send many more. They have been dating for awhile and she ranges from 19-26yrs old. Please dont publish my name.

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Hold them up baby Wanting to do This a Long Time Ago My husband has been talking me into this for literarly the last 12 years. Now that I look back I should have given in sooner, like 2 children and 12 years earlier. He makes me feel sexy and I love that. Here is my gamble to you...... to see if he is right


un buen culo OK so I have been staring at all the wonderful titties and had to share my favorite pair. The best part is I get to play with and cum all over these as often as I want and better yet she pregnant and as you know they will only get bigger.....