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I find it pretty amusing that I first started talking to Sydney online over a year ago, but until we finally met last week in person, there was a lot I didn't know about her. Hell, we'd focused so much on talking about sex online and it took so long to meet up that I'd forgotten her name until I asked her point blank after we hooked up! Since then, she's been pretty chill about hanging out, and she seems to have a fetish for taking photos for here and my site. I find it pretty funny though that she will plan out an entire late evening for us when we get together, stating what she is in the mood for sexually and suggesting other activities. The other night she was craving straightforward sex and she wanted to spend some time downloading mp3s on my highspeed connection and taking pics. She is seriously into music (she does some sound and light production work as a part-time job), and she has an ipod addiction that beats anyone else I've ever known. She turned me on to a few things, like the new album by The Streets and the Jay-Z/Pavement "Slack Album," and while it delayed the straightforward sex she'd been craving, it was well worth waiting until later in the evening. She can be kind of bossy, but she was able to chill me out with some cheap red wine (two buck chuck lol). Her mood may vary, but with a body like hers I am willing to go along for the ride most of the time.

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Feeling frisky!!! My wife and I are really into the 40s and 50s lifestyle, especially the look. When my gal gets all dolled up she becomes this amazingly young and erotic pinup starlet right out of the old magazines and it makes me crazy! If you vote enough, there will be more! ENJOY!


Kisses, Alexa Vanessa In Poland - Hi, I'm Vanessa and I want to invite you to visit me and my girlfriends. I have recently completely re-designed my web site and invited some more of my beautiful friends to be in with me. So keep watching VW for new pictures from me. Kisses, Vanessa