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Vecinita Cambia De Colchoneta - Estas fotos son de otro d?a... porque aunque la modelo es la misma... y la piscina tambien... no as? la colchoneta y eso demuestra que nos dio igual la queja del presidente de la comunidad de no hacernos fotos desnudos en la piscina. NO PODIAMOS PERDER ESA OPORTUNIDAD Different day... different floater. But that is not all... Did I miss to tell you that we got scorned because we had taken pics of ourselves in the pool (previous contris) by another user of the swimming pool? So what did we do? Continue taking pics as often as we wanted... trying not to get anybody alse in the frame. You will say, what a pity... because you could have seen more naked girls... but confide in me... she had the nicest body around. Para conocimiento de todos... Ama quiere montarse en colchonetas de todos los colores... asi que... si alguna pareja nos ofrece la suya, la intercambiamos con gusto (la colchoneta, la pareja -jejeje, lease AMA- o incluso nos citamos para hacernos las fotos juntos en vuestra piscina). If you liked this contri (and the previous ones) get me up in your voting... and we will continue uploading.

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My ass....... Winter can be pretty boring, so I thought I'd have a little fun with the digital camera. My husband doesn't know that I submitted these so please don't show my email address. If you like these I'll be sure to send some summer photo's.


Silver dress comes off. Sinsation - On Golden Pond (1) Well, better weather has finally arrived. We stumbled across this lovely pond on an afternoon drive and what a gem it turned out to be. It wasn't as secluded as it looks and the traffic was heavier than expected. This is the first of a two part series.