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Redhead has fun on the Beach

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Tea's enthusiam sometimes outweighs her common sense. The same day I was over at her folks place checking out her new nighty, she wanted to show me an amazing bargain she got at the mall with the balance of her gift certificate. Turns out she bought a bikini, and she couldn't stop bragging about how cheap it was. I guess she had never heard of clearance racks, nor did she realize that at the start of winter, there is little demand for bikinis in one of the country's coldest states! She may not be a natural brunette, but when we hang out and when she talks to me online, she has some real spacey moments. It's cute, and the recurrent ditziness works pretty well for her. I figured that I had such a blast with her this past summer when we first met and started hanging out, hooking up, and taking pics for our site, that I'd indulge her a bit! Woudln't you?

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Spanish Bikini Girls 4 Y'all have heard of 'kissing cousins', right? LOL Well, meet my real-life cuz, who I'm a-gonna FUCK right now! And then she'll fuck ME, then I'll fuck HER, then she'll fuck ME....


Another image session My Sexy Wife - We got away for the weekend and had plenty of time to play. My wife enjoys when I take her pictures and loves to read what people think of her looks. She is in her mid 40's with kids and to me she is as beautiful today as she was when she was 20! Let her know what you think!!