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My wife in garden
Hi all. Finally have some more pics. Not easy to get the time with 2 kids running around. The first 4 were taken by my 'special friend' when I visited him at a resort rental house. I've been enjoying fantasy getaways with him about once a week for most of this year. It is really great. The rest were taken when hubby and I visited Biltmore Estate and then went for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The area on the Parkway had gotten 18 inches of snow the weekend before, but it melted quick, thank goodness. Hope you enjoy these. We have since gotten a better digital camera, so be looking for more soon. Love you all. SuzyQ

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first time to show it off After some time viewing your site I decided to contribute. Good, very good site!! They are from a couple years ago, in Argentina. Sorry for the quality, it was that or nothing. I hope I had a digital camera... Private Shots and "Tango Woman". ===== Nos vemos! See you!


Bexx flashing at a castle So I met the guy who makes these cool glass dildos! After using this one I totally need to thank him for that. Girls, if you're reading this GO GET ONE NOW! You have never had anything this amazingly sexy.......