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Nude Beach - Beautiful Redhead Wild Bukkake

Little fun on vacation
I had a great time in California, it is so truly beautiful there. The mountains and the views from the top were just amazing... We took so many pictures, I wasn't going to submit these, but the fantasy story that goes with them was reason enough for me send them in to naturist. You can read the full story on the naturist BB at: (FreeStyle Feedback BB). On our vacation out west, my husband and I met up with one of his old buddies. Things often get a bit wild with these two. They egg me into doing things. I cannot refuse either of them. I love nature as do the guys. So, this one day, we hiked through the redwood forests. They were stopping all the time to take pictures of the scenic views along the trail. I wanted to go to the top of the trail. The views are fantastic up there. ...

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Love walking outside 2nd Contribution - I received some requests to show more after my 1st contribution (20050922-155618 - New Lingerie). So on this contribution I go totaly naked. Hope that you like the pics. Please send your comments with new requests for a 3rd contribution.


See that... Just got me going after Merci and Ms Jones left messages about future contris - got me thinking straight away!! Hope the sillyboys can go and look at some nice ladies instead of watching my contris - which really are for ladies only!!!!!