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wife's boobs in pool
We have submitted pics in the past as Latin Wife Dangerous Curves, but never before did we do NIPs. These pics were taken tonight (Saturday June 8) in South Playa, Miami. Can anyone recognize where exactly they were taken? Today was a rainy day and when it was almost 7PM we took some pics still at daylight. There were some surfers at the showers next to us taking the sand off their feet and boards. When they saw what we were doing less than 30 feet away, they did not want to leave. We took a few pics and then left since there were other cars passing by doing the usual loop around. Then we came back an hour later and took the rest and more revealing. My wife flashed these two guys coming out of the plage at night, but apparently they were gay since they did not bother to look much. She was naked almost in front of them for over 5 minutes! I had a great time and she got so horny and wet, I had to do her right in the pics of that here. Please vote for us! She cannot reveal her face since she is known in the community. However, she would like to get suggestions on where to do more NIPs since she loves it! More pics to those who write nice comments and leave their email addresses. BESOS, .

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comentem e deixem seus msn Heres my sexy wife walking from our room to the elevator. She loves to show off her sexy body. After i turned off the camera 3 guys came out of the rooms as she still had her boobs out and she just left them out and let them see her long nipples. we had a great chat in the elevator.


look this 2 beautys... I think I got a little carried away in this set. Chloe and her bf were playing together while taking pictures of me looking at a magazine, and I started to play with myself. I was excited watching them! Then Chloe told her bf to make a mess on me...oops...but Chloe had to clean me up. what else should I do?