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Just getting ready
A total of 140 images were shot over a 2-day period but there were only about 30-acceptible images. (I'm Picky) Hi Kate and the naturist crew… This is my first male contri, but I am not a newbe to naturist. My past 2 contri's were female and entitled "Slippery When Wet" but these were posted 2-3 years ago. **Gay Bashing I respect and admire all of the men that have contributed before me… (ladies too) It takes allot of balls to do so. Unfortunately the comments left by men for these pioneers, have been rude and totally disrespectful. I expect that I too will receive this type of negative feedback from the "Pencil Dicked Assholes" that wish they had the balls to bear it all. Just for the record I am a married man with 2-kids. I am far from gay. But that is not the issue… I try to respect all people… even the assholes that will surely try to shoot me down with their homophobic comments. **The Story behind the shoot After leaving nice comments for the following Private Shots contribution, "Lisa's Panty Night in White Satin" I received a request for images of myself. She said that she was Lisa, the lady in the contri and she wanted me to use her images as a prop in my shoot. (which I did) Being a photographer by trade, this sparked my interest and I agreed to do so. In return she too would shoot a request for me. I believe now that the person that contacted me was not Lisa in the photos, since after I sent the images, there was no further contact from her. Not even a thank you… (Let this be a lesion folks… Find a way to confirm who you are dealing with… ask them to first send an "Out-take" from their naturist contri) The only good thing that came out of this is, I have some quality images to submit to naturist. Kate… I think there should be a separate area for the male contri's… This way, those people that don't want to see men, have to go out of their way to do so. Enough said… On with the show…

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Naked on holiday Das sind Bilder von mir aus dem Urlaub an der Ostsee. Ich hoffe, sie gefallen Euch und Ihr mochtet mehr sehen. Ihr konnt es mir ja mitteilen. This are pics of me from vacation at the ostsea (germany). I hope, you like the pics and you want see more. You could tell me.


Blondie sucking my dick just after my bath this evening, couldn't resist as I am now no longer a 'contri' virgin. nothing like a warm lavender scented bubble bath to get me started. those pic's are still to come.................