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Fat slut sucking cock on the beach

by a nice car
This is Giselle. I met her two weeks ago at the bookstore. She's a 19 year-old student college student. After several phone conversations, she agreed to come over to my place for some "regular" photos. I said I'd like to take pictures to "bring out" her sensual side. Once she arrived, I got out the shrimp cocktail and wine. She was very apprehensive about showing even a little skin. As the night wore on, she began to loosen up. I was very excited, as I noticed her feeling more and more sexy. When I laid her on the sofa and took the beaver shot, little did I know she would show a little pink. Did you see how wet she was?! What a great night. By the time she got on all fours on the cocktail table, I had already gone through four rolls of film. Patience really is a virtue. When the shoot was over, Monique gave me a much-needed blow job. However, I didn't want to cum yet. I wanted to give her what she needed...A good, strong, deep screw! She came so many times, I knew if I farted, she would probably just laugh rather than get upset. She now visits at least twice a week for maintenance. I make sure she gets what she came for. No muss no fuss!!!

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comment if you like!! We just saw some recent contris and remembered the photos we took awhile back like them. These were taken a while back,and some posted before, but they are great pearl pics. Makes use get ready to take more. Enjoy.


more of polish ania I am contributing these shots as punishment for not waking my husband up this morning by sucking his cock as he had instructed me yesterday. I had a whopping headache after staying out too late drinking, and he did not find this an acceptable excuse.