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Hi naturist, Kate and crew. Thx a million for posting the last contrib, the response was awesome. I couldnt get to the computer cause Justine had laid a seige on it to read all the wonderful comments, that is until she made me go through the list, retreive all the emails, and send out thank you mails to everyone! I personally want to say thx for all the nice things u wrote about her and I wish u could have seen the way her face lighted up when she read them. I hope the new contrib will be as well recieved, and plz do leave a comment and mail address as im sure she will force me to send out another thank you mail;o) Enjoy Hugz

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Let's get behind her! Sexy Specs Goes Back To College! - Sexy specs is starting a college course so we thought she should look the part!Please let her know what you think of her pictures as your comments always get her hot.We are looking for a threesome with a sexy lady any offers?


Here is another Ancora qualche foto scattate a Capocotta vicino a Roma.Non credo che sia fondamentale sapere se quest'immagini sono di ieri o l'altro se riescono ad esprimere una certa atmosphera ed epoca e se esteticamente sono accettabili e piacevoli,allora non ho sprecato tempo!! Buona visione.