Nudism Photos


how do you like my ass ?
Many of you may have seen our contribution last month in Private Shots from this same series. Well, during the shoot, WyoRae was getting a little excited and couldn't keep her hands off herself. So here are a few of the more explicit ones. We purposely overexposed the photos for the desired effect. WyoRae and I have a standing discussion on whether her pictures look better with her smiling or being more sultry. Well, we took so many photos in this set, we decided to let the group at voy-zone decide. These pics have a few of her smiling (and a few of her totally unaware of the camera's presence!). We also submitted a contri with the same setup without her smiling a couple of days ago. Leave us a message to let us know what you think. She loves to read your comments. We hope you'll take a look at the non-smiling pics from this set, too.

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Breast free in the woood! I would like to partecipate the contest with my beautiful friend Joice. Hope you enjoy... E Don't show my email, please P.S. I have already sent this pics with two of them showing explicit sex. I think that maybe this is not allowed so I reposted the same set with no hardcore pics.


arizona part 2. Hi Everyone, Vanessa would like to thank everyone for ALL THE GREAT COMMENTS. She still wants her eyes blurred but she is getting braver because of your positive acceptance. Exhibitionism definitely arouses her. Hopefully we will submit Flashing and Naked in Public sometime in the future.