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Hi, my name is Rae and I do not surf the web at all. But the other daymy Husband showed me your site and some photos on it. He found some photosthat looked a lot like me, naked, and sleeping. After a download and a closerlook, sure enough they were of me. Seems as though a date took some shotssome time ago of me a sleep, naked. So since he (the date) didn't get it,and never did, my husband and I put some shots together for (the date) toshow him what he missed. This is for everyone's enjoyment also. Taken inMexico on a vacation. Enjoy, (the date) and Kate these shots are for you also. More will followif the reaction is good. I can't believe I am doing this. Enjoy, Regards, Rae

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my new girl in germany Tiiiina Sexy Pink - Salut a toutes et a tous. Hey oui! Pour une fois, ce n'est pas de l'exhibe! Un peu de privat shot ne fait pas de mal. Laissez vos comments, vos mails. Bises de Toulouse. A bientot Hi all staff Vweb, tkx to your fantasic siteweb. Soon, kiss from France.


my sexy gf for u have gotten great/flattering comments from viewers in the RC section for her.. thanks! ...for a grandma in early 50's... great gams..!!!. had requests for more leg shots she loves the thigh highs !!... and funny.. so do i !!!!!hope you do too