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A Story with Pictures Part One of Three - Opportunity Knocks As Rose showered and got ready for her day she found herself going over and over the points she hoped would persuade her prospective clients to commit to a multi million dollar program with her company. Several other more experienced representatives of her firm had attempted to land this contract and failed - what could she do that would make the crucial difference? What did she have that the men who failed didn't have? An early call from her boss with last minute instructions did nothing to calm her nerves, and if anything left her more confused. On top of that she could not believe it when she realised that she had not collected the pants and shirt that went with her black jacket from the cleaners! What could she wear? Well, she could get by without a shirt under her jacket and the only choice was her black skirt, which was possibly a bit short, but it would have to do. She was sure it would be so much easier being a man when it came to business attire. Now she was running late, so one last sip of coffee and she was on her way ... would they be attracted to her proposition ... only time would tell. ... to be continued in Part Two @--}----

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Anne chilling outside I wish your trip was a different weekend. I missed you so much last night! I used the netbook's cam to make you a special Valentine. Can't wait to pick you up at the airport tomorrow! I'll be wearing something special. ;)


Hello to you all Here's luckyblue again after a very long time away. I think she's gotten so much sexier with age. Not to damn bad at 40. These were taken last week just before we went to lunch. She asked me to put some photos on here to see if you all still liked her after all these years.