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Hi Kate, June, Jerry, Asher, Sailor, and Everyone. :) These photos are from the same vacation as the 'Relaxing' series. The base is a huge tree root. The table top is a cross section of compacted branches, finished and varnished beautifully. I spotted the table's potential as soon as we walked through the conservatory door. Unfortunately, I had to resist the temptation of climbing onto it for photos whilst the owner and creator of the table showed us around the house. :) I desperately wanted to buy it, but sadly, the owner wasn't interested in letting it go. :) If you enjoy these and would like to see the rest of this series, together with a collection of our photos, please visit Take care,

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Where do you want to be? Took these on a popular foot trail for bikers. Such a nice setting how could we resist? Thesewere taken before we had a digital cam.Thanks for all the notes and comments on her last submission, she loves it all! More to come...


how ever, no panties Hey everyone, hope fall is treating you well! This Canadian Thanks Giving was a good one.. I spent the weekend with a girl that I have fantasized over for almost a year now (Jade-White)! Well I had her, over and over again...and she had me also.. I hope that you enjoy these pix! Licks & Kisses