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Libertine Loses A Bet 1 - Libertine says thanks everyone for the wonderful comments! We are working on an anal contribution, as so many of you requested. For those wanting the face unblocked: we'll tell you the same thing that we told Redford: it ain't gonna happen! This one stems from Libertine's having lost a bet, and then waiting a bit long to pay up -- she has to do a lot to pay this one off, and she still hasn't finished... For these photos, she first walked completely naked through our backyard in broad daylight, in the view of neighbors. Then she had to get naked for a delivery guy, who is seen in two photos first expose and then about to leave, with her before him in all her glory. The others involved a required fully naked walk around our neighborhood. She was nervous at first but, as you can see, got more and more confident. The photos do not show, but she was seen by at least three neighbours, one of whom yelled, "Why are you doing that?!" Naive questions can be touching. More to come, love, Libertine and Larry.

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Months pregnant I have contributed before and it is still very arousing for me to submit again. I guess some things never wear out. :) My thanks to you all for the comments...they are as much fun as posting. I hope you enjoy these new pics.


mycock in action This is her first time redclouds doing this. My girl like to expose herself to the neighbors and in public. Being in the SIN City, she also likes to show off on the strip and in adult stores. Likes to RT photo/video with select bi women or couples.