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Slower is Way Better at the Beach Too 2

pepa climb 2
We had several requests for more PP clips from her recent Phone Cam Masturbation clip. So at Tinks request I put this compilation of several different exclusive never before seen Tinkerbell Pee Pee clips and another phone cam masturbation clip at the end. I love how she cums so hard everything back there just flex's and when it's around your dick OMG! The phone cam and a few other cameras were used in making this clip. We have a lot of fun going out and doing this stuff all the time. It's something we thoroughly enjoy doing just for fun. Tink sometimes gets into a laughing fit while doing the video's. I'll have to make up a set of those next time if we get good reviews on this.

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I hope you like my body! This sweet young thing was frolicking on the sand at Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic as her significant other was taking pics of her antics. Little did they know that another photographer was taking advantage of the opportunity to shoot the shoot. . . . . . .


Dragonfly. We drove down to Half Moon Bay for some fun in the sun. Well, we couldn't help it, we had to go off on a little excursion and take some pictures. Hubby was a little nervous, but I just started showing him the goods, and he loosened up after while. It was a fun day, I so love the beach!