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beach soft cock wanking and helicopter

Un bacio....
Hi Asher, Kate and the whole crazy gang :-)) I thank you all for running this great site in the www. Don't stop it ever. To all of you who have sent these very nice and friendly comments, I want to say: Thank you very very much. I'll try to respond to every mail, but don't worry if I can't handle it. Most of you asked for some more shots from the fishingpond. So here they are. I hope you like them as much as i did taking them. I one of the pics you will find some..... look for yourself. Don't forget all the fishermen sitting around a pond and waiting to catch a huge fish. Maybe one day I'll be the one you catch. Please send nice comments and don't forget to vote. Luv ya all

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SHE LIVES IN TURKEY This is part one of a three part series that includes some dressing up, a playful blowjob with some kama sutra powder, and the grand finale - a speculum scene! Watch for parts two and three in the next couple of days. Kisses. Laura


Shower Time getting soapy Hi Kate. This is my first contribution (I hope that this is the first one of a long series). I introduce you my better Italian friend, that has decided to change kind after varied normal photos. I hope that many will appreciate them. PDPMEMA.....and sorry for my bad english :-)))