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Amateur voyeur girl at beach.

notice the tatoo
I am glad so many appreciated the philosophical quote of my last submission. At University, I have been trying to apply a lot of what I have been studying, and I find that simple statements can oftentimes influence my overall outlook on things. Reading some of the comments on my style of dress, well, let me say in my defense that I adhere to another quote from a wise man who once said, "if you want to feel funky, feel free." LOL. Seriously, I have no sense of style, as if you couldn't figure that out already! I was wearing this exact outfit the other day when my flatmate had decided to give me a hard time by reading aloud some of the comments I'd received here and through my website. Looking at these photos now, I fear how severely my wardrobe reflects that I was raised quite sheltered and with minimal access to fashion advice! Thankfully, a far more stylish acquaintence has offered to go shopping with me, and once I finish final exams I just may scrape together the money to do so. I reckon it's a priority because I need to make a better impression on that boy I was seeing last year. Since last week, I've been thinking about how I'd fancy another go with him and I found myself masturbating to those videos I took with him that are on my site. If some decent fashion advice would increase the likelihood of more happening, then I'm all for it! My summer needs to have a few high points! :)

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KJ climbs a ladder. But when I see a pair of Juicy Natural Boobs I just about lose my mind. I have to get a good look every time so I find a spot, drink a bear, and shoot as many full round yummy boobs as I can. So sit back, relax, and enjoy. No music, no fake models, no flashes. Just real voyeurweb titty watchin!


i waiting for you hun My name is Summer. I'm 20 years old from the NorthEast US. This is my second contribution to the RedClouds. I will send in many more if I get a good response:) You can see me at as well as in Homeclips soon. I will post some pictures with my friend Treasure next! THNX